Jessica is the English teacher at the Jing Kai Qu (经开区) #4 Elementary School, outside of Kunming. She will be leaving next month to have her first baby. When asked what the most important thing was for her not-yet-newborn child, she said: “I quite worry about the food safety for my baby in China. So for me, I think health is most important, and then happiness…. I just want my baby healthy and happy.”

Kunming, Yunnan

PC: Cassie Alexandra


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More stories coming soon…meanwhile, check out this amazing living statue from Dali Old Town, Yunnan.


“I’ve been coming to this temple since I was a little girl. My parents used to bring me, then I brought my children, and now my children are bringing their children. The temple’s 1,100 years old…it’s even older than I am!”

Yao’an, Yunnan

PC: Cassie Bussing (tributetotravel.weebly.com)

This weekend, a few students, my co-teachers and I went for a hike in the mountains. On our way, we saw this woman, working alone in the vast fields. She told us that she was picking green tea leaves and that she sells them for 2 元 per kilogram. When we were finished with our hike, she was still there, working tirelessly into the afternoon.

Dachaoshan, Yunnan

PC: Christina H. (www.whereissheexploring.com)