Our Mission


What comes to mind when you hear the words “Chinese rice farmer?” An image of a man in a sedge hat working in a field of green might appear…but what about his lifestyle? Do all Chinese rice farmers have the same experiences and background?

In the whole round of human affairs, little is so fatal to peace as misunderstanding. ~Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

We believe that in a world filled with a diversity of cultures, customs, and wealth, judgments and stereotypes form. These barriers further divide humankind.

Eliminate these misunderstandings through cross-cultural communication. Founded in 2014 by a passionate team of volunteers, China Unheard (CU) is a social media project that seeks to humanize on the ‘foreignness’ that is perceived between people from different cultures and encourage understanding of the world from different lenses. The CU team and voluntary participants meet with Chinese civilians, invite them to tell their stories, and share them with the world.


Your participation is crucial to our mission. We urge you to communicate with local Chinese civilians, listen to their stories and understand the world from their perspectives. Share your cross-cultural experiences with us and the world. Learn how.

*CU is an apolitical and nonprofit project and NOT affiliated with any external organization or institution.