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YOUR WORK IS CRUCIAL TO OUR MISSION. Please communicate with local Chinese people, learn about their lives, and share your experiences with the world.

1. Please read through Our Policy before engaging in our mission.

2. Check out our Conversation Tips and Questions!

3. E-mail with the subject line “CU Submission” OR message us directly on our Facebook page and include the following (in English or Chinese):

  • 2-4 sentences about yourself (for our own purposes, not to be published)
  • Photo (gif, jpg, png, bmp) and/or video, in the highest quality with the location and date taken
  • Caption (can be anything from a quote to a short story–7 sentences maximum)
  • Whether you would like to be credited for your contributions (can be a name or a link to your own site, blog, etc.)

*Please note that by submitting your work, you have read Our Policy and given us rights to use and/or modify your material for our media purposes. To maintain the integrity and quality of our project, we have the right to not accept your submission if we believe the material is not aligned with our mission.

Thank you for your understanding and participation!